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About Me

Welcome to Steph Shanks Photography! I’m Stephanie, a passionate portrait photographer dedicated to empowering women through body-positive portrait photography. My goal is to create a fun, uplifting, and supportive environment where you can feel confident and beautiful.

Experience the Difference

Empowering and Body-Positive Experience

Working with me means more than a photo; I create a supportive, body-positive environment for confidence and beauty.

Personalized and Professional Guidance

I'll help with posing and wardrobe to ensure you look and feel your best in every shot, providing expert guidance and support.

High-Quality, Stunning Portraits

With years of experience and a passion for portrait photography, I deliver high-quality, professional images that you will cherish forever

Diverse and Inclusive Approach

I welcome all clients, ensuring comfort and celebrating individuality to create portraits that reflect your unique story.

I felt seen, heard, and appreciated as a strong female force while Stephanie and I worked together on a shoot vision! Her ability to pivot the session into something thing we'd both love going forward was fabulous. I cannot to do boudoir a shoot with her artistic eye. I've also recommended her to others for branding sessions

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Tune in to hear me discuss photography, empowerment, and creating body-positive environments on these great podcasts and interviews

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