The Family Photo Tradition

We have had some fun with our family photos throughout the years.  With half of our family living on the west coast, it has never been an easy task.   But somehow or someway, we figure out a way to keep the tradition alive! Here are some great tips for some DIY family photo fun!  And, if you aren’t feeling super adventurous, call me and set up a professional portrait session!

DIY Tip #1 – Location, Location, Location!

Finding a great location is key to taking a fun family photo this holiday season!  If you are looking for something more rustic, maybe you know someone who has an old barn or old truck that you could borrow!  Always ask first!  Nothing can kill the holiday spirit when a landowner comes up demanding that you leave his property immediately!  (This has never happened to me, however, I have heard stories!)

I like taking out photos at the local Christmas tree farm.  Finding the perfect tree is a tradition that we love, so it made sense for us to use it as a backdrop for our family photo.

DIY Tip #2- Bring A Tripod!

Always bring a tripod with you when you are trying to take family photos!  You can always ask a stranger to take your photos, but it is nice to have a tripod as a backup option.  Make sure that there is a clear pathway between the tripod and your family if you are planning on making a run for it!

DIY Tip #3 – Don’t Worry About Perfection

Too many times I see families getting too wrapped up in creating the perfect family photo.  Capture your family, just as they are!  I promise that the memories that you capture are going to be so meaningful to you as the years go by, that you won’t remember all the little distractions.  You will just have pictures of your beautiful family to have and to hold!


Just Enjoy every moment that you have with your family this season!  And, don’t forget to pull out your phone or camera and capture those moments!  Don’t forget to add the family pets, and don’t forget to act silly!   I can’t wait to see what you come up with!  I would love to see your favorite holiday family photos! Email them to me at!