The word of the week is persistence.

I love that the word reminds me of some grizzlied out dude at the gym- sweating, veins popping.  Determined.  But the reality is that persistence is the quiet underdog.  Every day – showing up to the pain, to the beauty, to the love, to the sadness that this life gives us.  Persistence is the realization that right now is all we have and embracing it.  Freedom only comes when we realize that every failure is an opportunity and every opportunity is a failure- and have the courage and the confidence to keep going.

How To Get Into The Persistence Habit

Whenever we decide to do something that we’ve never done before, our minds start telling us “don’t do that!”  Every inch towards a new goal, a new business, a new idea, or change, seems like a mile.  If we don’t catch it, our thoughts will exhaust us.  Every “I don’t know if I can” or “I shouldn’t do that” will stop us from achieving our passion or reason for existence.  Most people believe that the shouldn’t, they will never start.  But if you are reading this- you’ve already separated yourself from those types of people. 

Persistence is not something that comes easily.  Learning a new skill, a new language, a new business-  it’s inherently hard.  Why is it so hard?  Because it’s supposed to be.  Because to stand out from the crowd of people who are going to tell you that you are wrong, or to fight against your own negative thoughts is only acquired through facing your own fears.

How do you build your persistence muscle? First,  you have to decide what you want.  Take a minute and write down every day what you want and desire in your life.   Second, you have to decide right now that you are worthy of your dreams and desires.  And that you- are the only one that can make those dreams come true.  No one will come and hold your hand and guide you through the process.  These are your goals, your desires, and your dreams- not anyone else’s.  Third, come up with a plan. If you have a plan of what you want, even if it’s a little cloudy and obscure, to begin with- it’s better than a lack thereof.  And finally,  keep a positive attitude.  As you begin to navigate the true meaning of living your life,  you will begin to realize that your thoughts are your everything.  Positive thoughts achieve positive outcomes, negative thoughts block them.  

More on this to come.

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