What To Expect When You Hire A Personal Brand Photographer

When you hire a personal brand photographer, you are investing in yourself.  Much like hiring a personal trainer or health coach- when you take the first step towards bettering yourself, you instantly feel better.  Second, a professional portrait session will help you look and feel amazing!! I know the poses and the angles that will truly bring out the best of you!  Third,  people are going to look at your photos and think “Damn, that girl got her shit together!”  Who doesn’t want to be the envy of your peers?!

Self Improvement Will Make You Feel Good

Self-improvement is one of the most important investments you can make.  Making the commitment to step outside of your comfort zone is a way to elevate your frequency  (your vibe) so to speak.   Awareness, gratitude, self-love – all these things happen when we are in a state of growth and development.  Whether you are hiring a life coach, a personal brand, or a professional photographer- you are saying to the universe that “I am worth it.”  I know that when you call me to start planning the portrait session that you are saying “I am worth it.”  I acknowledge that piece of you that decided to make a change, and I have the most respect for you!

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You Will Become Photogenic!

You are Not unphotogenic! I promise!  When clients come to me saying that they just don’t look good in photos, it is just because they haven’t had the right photographer taking pictures of them! I know all the poses and angles that will bring out the best in you.  There is no such thing as being unphotogenic when working with a personal brand photographer.  From the very beginning, we start talking about what you want out of your photo session and how to make you look and feel your best!

Bonus: Professional Hair and Makeup is part of every portrait package.

Your Friends Will Be Jealous

Have you ever heard that saying?  “We Eat With Our Eyes.” It means that if the food looks bad, we won’t eat it.  If food looks good, it actually makes it taste better.   Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagram photos or website photos and instantly became a little envious?  For instance, you started comparing your life to theirs?  That is not a mistake.  Great brands know that professional photos make us feel things.  The appearance of professionalism and notoriety makes us think things.  And if you are like me,  I always have to check myself to make sure that I am not comparing myself- because I know it’s just really great photography.  However, wouldn’t it be cool if your fellow humans thought that you were ‘fancy?’  What if someone wanted to work with you, just because you have fantastic pictures?  Well, heads up – they actually will want to work with you!  They will think you have your shit together!  Get professional photos!  Ready to get started? Contact Me Today!