Photo Session Prep

Thinking of planning a photo session? Here are some tips!

Tip #1.  Don’t wait to book your photo session.

It’s easy to put off booking your photo session.  I am a busy mom of 7, so I know what its like.  There are groceries to get, clothes to wash,  work deadlines, ect.  But,  chances are- if you wait until the last minute to book your photo session- you might be too late.   Schedule your photos as soon as you know a date that will work for your family.  I would suggest a minimum of 6-8 weeks ahead of time.

Booking your session 1-2 months in advance will give you the most time to prepare for your shoot. You will need to gather clothing, get your hair cut, get a facial, mani/pedi ect.   Because you are reading this,  I know that you will want to look fantastic-  this sort of thing takes some planning!

Tip #2 Find the Right Photographer For You

It’s easy to base your photography needs on price.

However, taking some time to find a photographer that fits your needs is well worth it.  Do you want a relaxed shoot at home or an elaborate shoot with props? Do you have small children or elderly parents?

Questions you can ask your potential photographer are:

“Do you have experience with _________?”

“How long have you been a photographer ________?”

“How long does it take for you to edit the photos ________?”

Find a photographer who is experienced with your situation will be helpful beyond words.

Tip #3  Personal Prep

A fresh cut and color a couple days before your photoshoot will help you feel confident in your photo shoot.  Avoid drinking alcohol the night before the shoot.  Drink lots of water starting 3-4 days before.  Scheduling yourself a spa day will also help you feel and look great.  I personally recommend derma facials from Spa Serenity.

As a photographer, we always try and make the women look great!  As a mom,  I know how hard it is to get in and do some things that feel like ‘pampering.’  However, think about how long a great photo can last –  you want to make sure you look good!

Tip #4 Pick Out Your Clothing Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until the day before the shoot to pick out what clothes you are going to wear.  Making sure you have back up’s in case of bad weather is also important.  Better yet? Layer your clothing.  Layering is not only functional- it can be cute too!  Shoes, shirts and pants should fit nicely- nothing to loose or too tight.  It’s o.k to match, but don’t get too matchy.

Children respond poorly to clothes that are too itchy, too scratchy, too tight, too loose, too hot or too cold.  If they refuse to wear what you want them too, let them wear what they want. It’s better to have happy kids than sad kids!

Oh, and make sure you look good! If you ever need help picking out outfits- check out angels and arrows boutique in Baraboo.  They are wonderful, personable and will help you find a great outfit that makes you look good!


Booking your photo session ahead of time is important.  Making sure you have proper prep time to look gorgeous is the first step.  Second step, make sure your family looks gorgeous (without stress).  Third,  getting the perfect photographer for your family shoot also requires some prep time.

Family photos should be fun!  A great photo can freeze time for .. ever!  Just think about that.  A photo on your wall, can be passed down to your kids’ wall, and to their kids’ walls.  Take the time for yourself, and take the time for your family.

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