About Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

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Stephanie Shanks

What are you looking for in your wedding day photographer?

Every photographer has their own unique style. Classic, artistic, lifestyle, dramatic, and documentary are 5 of the most common types of wedding photography.

My style is a documentary with a poetic flair. I won’t try to pose you in awkward positions, or make you jump up in the air (unless you ask me to!). I capture the moments as they come and interact with you and the guests throughout the day. 

How important is your wedding day photography to you? Your wedding day photography should be packed full of emotion. It should highlight the elegance and the excitement of the day as well! 

One millisecond of your wedding day cannot be recreated, trust your day to a professional!

Why do you want good photography on your wedding day?

Everyone has iPhones, and you know someone with a ‘nice’ camera. Everyone knows that great wedding photographers are expensive! 

Why bother hiring a wedding photographer? 

Is it because you want your friends and family to relax and enjoy themselves on your wedding day?

Or is because you want to look great in your images?

Is it because you want to look back at your wedding day photos and feel how you did when you said ‘I do?’

There are so many reasons why you want a professional wedding photographer at your wedding! Great images don’t just magically happen! It takes great equipment, education and a savvy business sense! It takes a true commitment to be the best and lots and lots of energy!

One single second of your wedding day cannot be recreated! I want you to have great photos on your wedding day, and I know that is  what you want too! Let’s work together and make your wedding the best ever!

Why we are different

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  • Poetic
  • Natural
  • Captivating
  • Interactive


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  • Emotion Packed
  • Elegant
  • Exciting
  • Professional


Our Experience

Family Portraits 100%
Wedding Photography 90%
Events 85%
Senior Portraits 75%
Engagements 70%
Proposals 55%
Destination Weddings 50%

What clients say

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