Baraboo Photographer Proposal Shoot

baraboo photographer capturing proposal at Devils Lake

Being a Baraboo photographer is the best.  With Devils Lake practically in my backyard, I consider myself lucky to be in such a beautiful location.

About the Couple

Adam contacted me via email about doing a proposal at Devils Doorway for his girlfriend Jaime.  His idea of getting up early and doing a proposal at Devils Doorway early in the morning was initially a little frightening.  I was worried that I would live up to his expectations of this awesome event.

Adam and  Jamie both busy young professionals who live in Chicago.  They spent a lot of time at Devils Lake when they were younger, and it is a very special place for the two of them.  Adam convinced Jaime to come to Baraboo without her knowing that he had a ring in his backpack the whole time!

‘Hiker with a Camera’

As a Baraboo Photographer, its not unusual to get calls to capture proposals at Devils Lake. However, this one was more a little more technical then others.  We agreed that I would get to the lake about 15 minutes before the couple.  I would climb to the top of Balanced Rock trail and wait.  My role was ‘hiker with a camera,’  when they walked by – I would pretend to take pictures of the landscape. It worked!

After they walked by, I received a text message from Adam that said “Nice job!”

I slowly followed them to Devils Doorway.  Somehow, I got there before them.  But it gave me plenty of time to set up.  I knew where he was going to propose from a picture that we had found on instagram.

She said Yes!!!!!

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baraboo photographer capturing proposal at Devils Lake
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