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About Baraboo Wine Walks

Baraboo Wisconsin started the first states’ wine walk in 2008.  Wine walks are held twice a year and are fundraisers. Money that is raised goes towards everything from advertising to flower pots,   In addition to raising money through ticket proceeds, local wine walks are a really fun way to check out shops and stores.    Because of the success of Baraboo’s wine walk, other communities around the state also do them also. To see more events going on in Baraboo, check out: DowntownBaraboo.Com

2017 Baraboo Spring Wine Walk

Tickets for this event went on sale on April 5th, 2017.  The cost per ticket for theSpring Wine Walk are $30. There were over 20 stops this year, each stop features two wines. Generally there is an option of a white or red.  Businesses bring in entertainment and lots of food.  On the day of the wine walk, ticket holders bring in their proof of purchase to Bekah Kate’s and receive a wine glass with a list of all the stops.  From 6 -9 p.m, Baraboo becomes a glorious array of wine walkers browsing downtown businesses.  Wine walkers are encouraged to sip wines responsibly.  Designated drivers can purchase a wine walk ticket at a reduced price.  Bar Buddies (a program that provides safe rides home from bars) and local taxi’s are also available.

About DBI

It wouldn’t be fair to write about the wine walks without talking about Downtown Baraboo Incorpoated (DBI for short). DBI  is the organization behind the wine walk.  DBI members are local downtown Baraboo business owners.  Their goal is to make sure that downtown Baraboo is sustainable and viable.  This requires time away from their family and friends, and a tireless grassroots mentality, not only from the businesses owners- but their staff as well. Each year, the wine walks and beer walks bring in $25,000 that is used to promote and beautify downtown Baraboo.

To see more images from the Spring Wine Walk 2017, check them out here: https://stephshanks.pixieset.com/winewalk2017/



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