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The Best Engagement Pictures Guide

I have put together a few clothing tips to help get you the best engagement pictures. Remember, to get the best engagement pictures you need to be relaxed and in the moment.  So please don’t wait until the last minute to find a photographer or figure out what to wear!


At the very least, the best engagement pictures are a perfect opportunity to capture some sweet moments between you and your fiance (while looking really good).


Be Creative

Your engagement photos could  be used for save the dates, an engagement announcement to the local newspaper or simply commemorating a happy moment for a frame.  They should look and ‘feel’ like you!  Don’t be afraid to express yourself!

Think About The Location

Figuring out a location or activity surrounding the shoot is a great way to inspire outfit ideas.  Make sure your clothing colors go with the location.  Do you want to be on a beach?  Opt for looser, more neutral clothing and leave the formal dresses and suits at home.


Sneak Peak

Have something fun planned for the wedding? Your engagement session might be  great to give your loved ones a little preview of your wedding style. If you’re planning a themed wedding, why not incorporate it into your shoot?


Keep it Simple

The jewelry you pick out for your engagement photo session should not outshine the ring on your left hand.  Keeping it simple will give your photographs are more intimate and timeless feel.

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