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Best Friend Photos

Best Friend Photos,there isn’t anything better!  It’s November and it’s my time of general quietness and reflection.  So I decided to ask my step daughter and her best friend to do a photo shoot with me.  Best friends photos are some of my favorite photography sessions to do.

The Best Friend Photo Shoot

 We pre planned this best friends photo shoot, which means that clothing was picked out before hand.  The location is Baxter’s Hollow, I have been obsessing over it for a few months now and was super excited to get out there and shoot!

The girls were great sports about the whole thing.  They both eagerly jumped across the creek with high heeled shoes on.  They were a bit chilly, but hardly complained (well…)

The Inspiration

There is something really special about best friends. Treasures in a crazy world. These girls have been friends forever, and I am going to guess that they always will be. A best friend to share your secrets with, your sad times and your happy times.


We don’t always get days full of sunshine, friendship and laughter. This moment is already gone before it begins. Photography and friendship are only two of things I know that get more valuable with time. Cherish your friendships and get out there and photograph it!

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