For a long time I struggled with wanting to newborn photography.  Even though I have 3 children, newborns seemed so fragile for me to photograph them.  When we were living in Los Angeles,  I worked for a company that did newborn photography in the hospital. (Talk about intimidating!)


When Robert and Ashley got a hold of me to photograph their less then two week old son, I jumped at the chance.  First off, it would be my first photo session in my studio – which didn’t even have paint on the walls yet!  Also, I really love newborn photography!  Something about how fresh and new they are.  It’s a new beginning, a fresh start.  There is also so much love and bonding going on during this special time.

Here are some of the newborn photography photos taken.  During this session, I used a lifestyle photography technique.  I wanted to capture the baby and the parents just how they were.  This technique involves being up on ladders, on the floor and every where in between.