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Planning your Proposal

Planning your proposal, but not sure what to say?  Sure, getting down on one knee while holding a ring box sort of says it all. Your engagement should be an unforgettable occasion,  its good to have a couple ideas in your head on how it all should go.  (But, don’t get too held up on the details!) Here are a few ideas of things to say that will make her heart melt!


What did you think when you first met her?

Tell her about what you though the first time you saw her.  Begin by reminiscing about the first time you laid eyes on her. Talk about how you were awestruck by her beauty, or amazed to find a woman who shared your passion for the same sports team, or how you just knew that someone seriously special had entered your life.


When did you realize that you might want to spend your life with her?

Try to identify one specific moment when it hit you that you’d found the one. Was it when the four-star restaurant lost your reservation and she cheerfully suggested you head across the street for pizza and beer instead? The time she came over when you were sick in bed with the flu and watched a kung fu movie marathon with you?


What do you have now that you didn’t before you met?

Focus on how much better your life is now that she’s in it. Has she helped you laugh off little things that used to stress you out? Taught you the value of having more in the fridge than take-out cartons and beer? Show her how much you appreciate and need her.


What goals and values do you two share?

Talk about the things that are important to both of you, and the plans you’ve discussed for the future. This will emphasize why you’re a perfect match and why you should spend your futures side by side.

What about her inspires you?

What is it about your sweetie that makes you want to be more like her? Her patience and kindness to others? Her sense of adventure? The value she places on making the world a better place? Revealing how much you admire her will show that you love her for all the right reasons.


Ready to Get Started?

proposal photographer in California

“The beauty of the proposal is it’s totally about them, their love to each other and their commitment” – The Knot

Proposal Photographer

Are you ready to book your proposal photographer?  Here are some things you need to know to get started!

Surprise Her

Since your girlfriend probably has her own dream marriage proposal ideas, you may be tempted to ask her for guidance on how to pop the question. Don’t do it. Keep your plans under wraps — she’d much prefer that you come up with a plan, any plan, than ask for her input. The surprise factor is key!


Pick the Right Location

The spot you choose for the special moment can make or break the mood.  The top three spots most girls said they’d prefer: On vacation, at the site of your first date, or at a local landmark. Home was a close runner-up, as well.


Say the Words, “Will You Marry Me?”

Yes, you’ll be nervous, but don’t forget to get on bended knee and use the right lingo. Nearly 90 percent of women said they want their future grooms to put their kneecap to the ground as they ask the question. And no matter what you say — even if you’ve written her an epic poem or composed a rock ballad in her honor — it’s essential that you finish with the precise words: “Will you marry me?”

Ready to Book Your Proposal Photographer?

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Proposal Pictures

Proposal pictures are something you don’t want to forget!  Aside from your wedding day, one of the greatest memories you will have is when you and your significant other decide to spend the rest of your lives together (cue tears). Capturing that moment is something that you can cherish forever and we guarantee it’ll happen quickly. There will be lots of anticipation, emotions, maybe even some shrieks, so being able to relive it is important.

“People are starting to realize what an important day it is in your life,” –Tiffany Wright

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Ssh, its a secret!

You might have spent days, weeks or months planning the perfect proposal, but that won’t stop the moment from flying by in an instant when it actually happens. That’s why I love the idea of secretly capturing your proposal on camera.  She will be so happy to be able to share her proposal pictures with her friends and family!


Get Down On One Knee

It may seem obvious, but this is one tradition you really don’t want to skip out on if you’re having your proposal professionally photographed. If you do it standing, it won’t be as obvious as if you are one knee.  A proposal doesn’t happen every day and it’s classic and romantic to propose on your knee.

proposal photography on top of mountain