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About this High School Senior

When McKenna was a high school senior, she met with me to do her pictures.  McKenna was going into her senior year at Baraboo Highschool and wanted her pictures to be different and adventurous. I was totally up for the challenge! All of my senior photo ideas today are about the functionality of your photo session. How to get your pictures to turn out how you want them and how to make them ‘feel like’ you.  These pictures all took place in Baraboo, Wisconsin and the Aldo Leopold Foundation .

Senior Photo Ideas

Senior Photo Ideas #1

I am using McKenna’s senior photo session to give you some senior photo ideas.  The first idea that I want to bring to your attention  are the simple accessories that she used during her shoot.  By adding one item (a cute necklace in the first pics, a hat in the second, and cool sandals  in the third) it makes the pictures just a little more interesting.  Taking a few minutes to add accessories to your outfits can really bring out character.  A photograph can not verbally speak, so you have to be able to ‘tell’ your story through it.


Senior Photo Ideas # 2

Finding a location that is as unique and interesting as you are is definitely a way to make your photos ‘pop’.  Take an afternoon and drive around with your family and friends to locations that you enjoy going to, even if its places you haven’t visited in years- just go on a drive and check them out.  You might be surprised what you find. If you aren’t exactly sure where you want your photos taken, you can always consult with a photographer- they might be able to get you pointed in the right direction.  The location you choose will have a direct effect on how your photographs turn out.  If you don’t like bugs, don’t pick the woods. If you don’t like heights, don’t pick a cliff.  There are plenty of unique locations out there that will suite you perfectly, I promise!

Senior Photo Ideas #3

We’ve talked about accessories and we’ve talked about location, lets finish up by talking about clothing. Again, referring to McKenna’s senior photo shoot, she picked out clothing that was comforatable and represented her own personality and style.  I’m not sure if she went out and bought new clothing for her shoot, but her clothes were appropriate to the locations she picked out and to the person she is.  She had a nice choice of options, as you can tell in all three locations.  Nothing was too short, too bold or too uncomfortable.  Just be yourself and your pictures were turn out timeless, sophisticated and genuine, just like you!

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Senior Photo Ideas (When you don’t like your picture taken)

Dylan didn’t have any senior photo ideas, he doesn’t like having his photos taken.  However, he is super creative and super talented, so I wanted his senior photos to rock! Devils Lake is a great place to have senior pictures taken, the light is constantly changing and there are plenty of neat areas to work with. It was also nice because we could just keep moving.  Sometimes, the idea of sitting in one spot and smiling can freak people out.

The Shoot

Senior photos always take on a life own once the session starts.  (Even if the subject thinks hes not having fun!) I kept my distance, using a lens with a long focal length. I encouraged Dylan to move around and not look at the camera all the time.  I feel like we captured Dylan exactly who he was at this exact moment in time.  This to me, is a successful shoot, even if he didn’t want his photos taken!

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Barabo0 Senior Pictures: Sarah

In Baraboo, Senior Pictures are such a great way to make a memory as the journey to adulthood begins.  The summer before senior year seems to be the best time for portraits.  It’s a time when freedom is aattainable but not required. Life is happening all around, why not capture the moment?

When I first met Sarah, I knew that she was going to have some great ideas for her senior portrait session.   Sarah is headed into her final year at Baraboo High School.  She is super active, sweet and smart. She said she didn’t mind getting muddy.

In and around Baraboo made the perfect backdrop for this senior portrait session for Sarah. Although I can’t say where part of this was shot, I can tell you that we ended at Ferry Bluff in Sauk City,

girl senior pictures baraboo

About Sara

We decided to meet at a location in Baraboo. I cannot tell you the name of this place, as client confidentiality is important to me. We both kicked off our shoes to start photographing!
(I thought it would be best to get the muddy ones done first). We spent some time at this spot. There was quite a bit of possibility all within a small location, so we used it to our advantage.

Our goal for this shoot was to end at Ferry Bluff in Sauk City Wisconsin, right as the sun was setting. Although this seems easy to manage, it is far from it.  Timeline’s are everything when it comes to photography! The golden hour does not wait for us, we have to honor it!  Turns out we did alright though 🙂

Sarah is standing right on the edge of the bluff, over looking the Wisconsin River in Sauk City, Wisconsin.