Children Photography

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A brief history

My whole photography business started because I was taking pictures of my children and posting them on facebook.  Soon after I logged in for the first time, friends and family members started asking me to take pictures of their kids.  So, I started taking pictures!  I aim to please, so I quickly learned everything I could about beginning a photography business.  My first camera was Canon Rebel XS and my first photo editing program was called picassa , p.s- its not even a thing anymore!  That was early 2008, and boy have things changed in the industry!

I am proud to say that I started out on facebook as a ‘mom-tog!’


Children Photography

What makes someone great at children photography?  Photographing lots of children is a start! I have photographed hundreds of children all around Wisconsin and even in L.A while we lived there.  Being very patient and kind are also great qualities to have when photographing children.   I am quick on my feet and quick to take a great picture.  I think one of the hardest parts about children photography is that it can be most stressful on you, the parents.

Tips for a great shoot

  1. Say “No” to Stress!

If you are feeling stressed about the photo shoot, give me a call so we can discuss what you are apprehensive about.  It is important that you are calm and relaxed on the day of the photo shoot.  Children are great mirrors, they reflect everything we do. If you are stressed, they will be stressed, which will in turn- make you more stressed.  If you are running late, just let me know. I have children, and I understand that things happen!

2. Naps and Snacks Please

If your child is still in the nap taking phase of their life, its best to not plan a photo shoot during that time.  Snacks are a great motivator. Children with full bellies are generally happy.

3.  Let Me Take the Lead

With over 9 years experience in photographing children, I know the importance of patience and play.  I like to get on the ground and have fun with the kids.  Most times, children are shy with strangers- so it might take a little bit of time for them to warm up to me.  This is all o.k,I have seen it all!  Photo shoots last about an hour.  There is time built into that to get to know one another and have some fun.  We want the laughter and happiness to come naturally.   The worst thing you can do is force your child to smile by saying things like “say cheese” or “if you smile, you will get ice cream.”


Girl in blanket children photography


Ready to get started?

Having your child’s professional portrait taken is a great investment into their childhood.  So much time is spent worrying about their future,  what about preserving their past?  Session fee’s start at $150.  Fill out the contact form below to get started today!



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