Christmas family photo shoot on a farm

D.I.Y Christmas Family Photo Shoot

You have presents bought and family dinner recipes picked out.  Tree is decorated and there is snow in the forecast.  What more could you ask for, really?  What about asking Santa for a nice Christmas Family Photo Shoot?  (Don’t worry,  there is still time to get your order in!)

Christmas family photo shoot on a farm

Don’t forget to include your pets in some of the pictures

Pros and Cons To your DIY Christmas Family Photo Shoot

You can do your own Christmas Family Photo Shoot!  Setting up a tripod and a self timer on your camera is super easy!  Here are 3 tips for getting the best family photo you can! Want to see more, check out this site:

  • Bring your camera.
  • Make sure your batteries are charged
  • Make sure you have a memory card in your camera.
  • Try and do this during the day, optimal lighting is key for getting a sharp, focused image.
  • Don’t forget to take candids!
Christmas Family Photo Shoot grandpa and his dogs

Don’t forget to take lots of candids


There are definite pros to doing this yourself.  Being prepared is the best tip I can give you.  Here are some pros to doing Christmas family photo shoots  yourself.

Saving money is a big one.  When comparing taking pictures yourself and hiring a professional photographer, you will save lots of bucks by doing it yourself.

Flexibility and Timing.  Finding the right time to schedule your photo shoot this time of year can be a little too much to think about.  By doing it yourself, you are in complete control of getting the family together.

Instant gratification.  You can easily use your smart phone for these pictures, and sharing them instantly with family members in a bonus.


“Home is familiar — and a safer environment to misbehave in,”

Christmas Family Photos family and their dogs

Lighting and Composition is key to a great family photo


It is a fact that we are our best selves when we are out in public.  Home is the place to be relaxed and be ourselves.  When planning for your family picture, keep this in mind.  Your kids and relatives will act like ‘themselves’, and you will want to pull your hair out.  Generally,  kids and family members act a little more civilized when there is a professional behind the lens.  When you ask your college children to smile, they will be on their phones.  When I ask them, they generally will pull it together -at least for a minute.


Lighting can also be an issue when you are shooting.  Making sure that you have enough light is key to a great family photo.  When I go to a family photo session, I bring my own lighting- just in case I can’t find the right amount of light in your home.


If you are taking pictures, it can be difficult to find the right background and put your family accordingly.  Having someone who knows composition and can work quickly and efficiently can be your hero when trying to get that perfect family photo!


On the fence?

Christmas Family Photos young couple

Don’t forget to capture big announcements!

Here’s what I have to offer.  Professional Christmas family photo shoots are done between Dec. 24th and January 1st.  Sessions last about an hour and can be done in your home or a location we decide on together.  The shoot will be a good mix of holiday and winter images for you to cherish year round.  You get 5 – 8×10 prints of your choice to  hang on your wall. I store digital files for up to 5 years!  (You won’t have to worry about loosing them on the cloud!)


I know this can be a busy time, so I have set up time for you!  Last minute bookings are o.k, but its best to get a hold of me sooner then later to book your session. I look forward to hearing from you! (DIY questions are always welcome!)



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