The Couple

I initially called the Smith family to ask Nadean and Ryan if they would be willing to let me capture them as part of an anniversary project I am working on.  I was privileged to have photographed their wedding a couple of years ago, and was excited that they accepted my offer.


steph shanks photography

collage of wedding pictures

The Family Shoot

Devils Lake was where we decided to shoot.  Because of the icy, wet conditions though, our options were a little limited as to where we can shoot. There isn’t  a bad time of year to shoot out at Devils Lake.  Spring is muddy but inspiring,  summertime means bugs and  lot of people but lots of sun and fun, fall means sub prime weather, lots of people but beautiful colors in every direction.  Winter means icy trails and sometimes cold, but there aren’t very many people.  Which is nice.  We decided on a Sunday morning, and she Nadean also invited her family along to be photographed. We had a lot of fun incorporating the fur babies into our shoot!


Steph Shanks Photography

Family photo collage

Anniversary Shoot

I mentioned earlier that our initial plan was to photograph Nadean and Ryan as part of an anniversary project I’m working on.  There were quite a few ideas of locations floating around in the back of my mind as to where to take them.  However, it was so icy on this day that I really wasn’t comfortable taking anyone without good hiking shoes up on any trails.  However, Wisconsin gave us some really lovely fog to work with, and the temps weren’t too bad either, especially for a winter photography shoot!  Aside from a few ice fisherman, we had the place to ourselves.


Steph Shanks Photography

Devils Lake Photos


Tips for Your Next Winter Weather Photo Shoot

Any photography shoot requires planning.  Location and clothing are two of the most important things to me as a photographer.  Because I like to have an element of adventure in every photo shoot (as long as its safe),  make sure your clothing options are comfortable.  If its cold, bring a coat and scarf.  Wear shoes that don’t make your feet cold.  A photography session doesn’t require a whole new wardrobe full of clothes you will never wear again,  its important to be yourself so that the photographer can capture who you really are.  (That’s where the magic is!)  When planning a location for your photo shoot, its important that everyone feels comfortable and safe. It’s also important to know the ideal time to photograph is.  Sometimes, places like Devils Lake are really  busy, or the sun might be too bright in the sky.


Talk with your photographer about all these things before your next photography session!


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