Extended Family Photo Ideas

The Boettcher family was looking for a way to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  Coming up with some extended family photo ideas can be tough, so they reached out to me for some assistance.  We discussed a few different options, including backyard and local park photo ideas.  Ultimately, we decided that Devils Lake would be the best place to go.

When we arrived however, it ended up being the very day of the Devils Lake Triathalon.  Here’s a tip, when coming up with extended family photo ideas, make sure that you don’t pick a place that isn’t hosting a very large athletic event.

Luckily, the Boettchers are very kind people.  We started the photoshoot a little later then expected (most of ended up parking about a mile away.)  Although parking was a challenge, the actual lake was very quiet.  It was a lovely day in September for this photoshoot.