Extended Family Vacation Package

Extended Family Portraits

A lot of families only get to see each other once or twice a year and like to spend that time on vacation.  Wisconsin Dells is a great place to host a family gathering because of all the great kid-friendly activities there are to do in the area.  They are plenty of wonderful locations to get outdoors, as well.  We will take the stress out of trying to plan a family portrait session while you are trying to enjoy the limited and special time you have with your family.  My team will help your entire family pick out clothing options that not only look good but travel easily.  We will find the perfect location and the best timing that works with your busy schedule.  Sessions are aimed at being as stress-free and relaxed as possible.  Sessions typically take 1 to 1.5 hours and are done at a local beach or park, but are completely customized to your needs.  Extended family portraits begin at $500, contact us today to get started!

Help me photograph 40 headshots before my 40th birthday (March 6th)!
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Winter wonderland hike this morning. #iceagetrail #baraboowisconsin #morninghikesarethebest ...

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Winter sunsets are the best! If you haven’t discovered the beauty of hiking in winter- I urge you to do that!
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Devils Doorway in the winter. So lovely to have such a beautiful space to play around in.
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I am reminded today that there is not an infinite amount of time in our life here on earth. Do the things!
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