Family Photos: A day on the Farm

family photos in barn

Family Photos: A day on a farm in Portage, Wisconsin

Family photos taken on a farm in the summertime is one of my favorite thing!  This photo session took place about 1/4 mile from where I grew up.  (It’s always a great feeling to photograph family friends!)  The chosen location is called Rowley Creek. When I  first photographed Jade and Brandon and their young family, it was  about a year earlier, when their second son was born.

The following winter, Jade again called me to photograph her family.  We had chosen an indoor and outdoor location in Baraboo, Wisconsin for her family photos.  However, by the time we finished up with the outdoor shoot, it was a little difficult to get the kids settled in to do an indoor session.  These are a few from the outdoor session.

About The Shoot

Because I had a history now with this family, I was delighted when Jade called me up to take family photos of her entire family.  We decided that a morning would work best, and we were on a fairly strict timeline because her sister was moving to California.  Finally, the shoot happened on a muggy morning in between rain showers- the day that her sister left for California.




As you can see, family photos are really important.  You can see how much these kids have grown since i first started photographing them.  Family photos are an important reminder that time moves really swiftly and everything is in constant flux.  Besides having awesome memories to look cherish,  I also hold on to digital files for up to 5 years.  That means that if something happens to your prints, you can call me and I will have the digital copies.

I look forward to taking your next family photos Jade and company!

To see more pictures from this shoot, check out the gallery here.

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