Headshot photographers Los Angeles


 “Headshots are one of the most important marketing tools for aspiring actors” – Actingplan.com

Headshot Photographers Los Angeles

Your headshot is your calling card. It will be sent out and emailed to tons of casting directors and agents, who see hundreds of these every day.  If your headshot is bad, you look bad. You want to be seen as a pro, not an amateur. Rhe way you present yourself in your picture is everything. If you want people to take you seriously, you must have a good, high quality, killer headshot. Not an iPhone pic and definitely not a Facebook photo!

Why should you choose me to take your headshots?

I am a professional photographer with over 8 years experience in this business.  I am passionate about helping people ‘stand out’ in a crowd.  I care about you and helping you become successful!  My job is to give you a great headshot.  Your headshots’  job is to get you a great gig.  See the correlation?  So many actors don’t understand the importance of good light and composition in a photograph.  By hiring me,  I will do all the hard work for you!  You just have to show up and be yourself.  I will help guide you through this process.


Pricing your photoshoot

Right now, my headshot pricing is $125/hour.  This is limited time only.  I recommend a two hour photo shoot, but if you are on a budget – we can get it done within an hour. (After you see the value, I am confident you will book more shoots with me!)

This includes:

Up to 20 digital files per hour for you to download.

2-3 different outfit changes per hour

1-2 different locations (depending on traffic)


How to prepare for a headshots session

You should make sure you get enough sleep before your photoshoot.  Lay everything out the night before and then go to bed!  Bring plenty of clothing options.  If you hired a make-up/hair person, then simply go through your regular routine and leave the rest (hair styling and putting on make-up) for the professional. Those who do not get a hair/make-up person may want to work on styling their hair and putting a little make-up. Pick 3 pieces of clothing for every one of your looks. So if you have a shoot with 4 looks, bring at least 12 items for the photographer to help you choose.

Rule of thumb of what NOT to wear:

  • No overly bright colors
  • No distracting, overly “busy” textures on your top
  • Nothing that takes attention away from your eyes
  • No turtlenecks (unless going for a very specific look)
  • Logos are not a good idea; small ones may be okay
  • Usually, plain all-black or all-white is a no-no as well
  • Nothing that’s too stretched out or hasn’t been ironed
  • No accessories that you don’t wear daily, esp. for men


“A successful headshot session will depend on your ability to do enough research and prepare in advance so that you’re rested, free and energetic on the day. Enjoy the process!”





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