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About this High School Senior

When McKenna was a high school senior, she met with me to do her pictures.  McKenna was going into her senior year at Baraboo Highschool and wanted her pictures to be different and adventurous. I was totally up for the challenge! All of my senior photo ideas today are about the functionality of your photo session. How to get your pictures to turn out how you want them and how to make them ‘feel like’ you.  These pictures all took place in Baraboo, Wisconsin and the Aldo Leopold Foundation .

Senior Photo Ideas

Senior Photo Ideas #1

I am using McKenna’s senior photo session to give you some senior photo ideas.  The first idea that I want to bring to your attention  are the simple accessories that she used during her shoot.  By adding one item (a cute necklace in the first pics, a hat in the second, and cool sandals  in the third) it makes the pictures just a little more interesting.  Taking a few minutes to add accessories to your outfits can really bring out character.  A photograph can not verbally speak, so you have to be able to ‘tell’ your story through it.


Senior Photo Ideas # 2

Finding a location that is as unique and interesting as you are is definitely a way to make your photos ‘pop’.  Take an afternoon and drive around with your family and friends to locations that you enjoy going to, even if its places you haven’t visited in years- just go on a drive and check them out.  You might be surprised what you find. If you aren’t exactly sure where you want your photos taken, you can always consult with a photographer- they might be able to get you pointed in the right direction.  The location you choose will have a direct effect on how your photographs turn out.  If you don’t like bugs, don’t pick the woods. If you don’t like heights, don’t pick a cliff.  There are plenty of unique locations out there that will suite you perfectly, I promise!

Senior Photo Ideas #3

We’ve talked about accessories and we’ve talked about location, lets finish up by talking about clothing. Again, referring to McKenna’s senior photo shoot, she picked out clothing that was comforatable and represented her own personality and style.  I’m not sure if she went out and bought new clothing for her shoot, but her clothes were appropriate to the locations she picked out and to the person she is.  She had a nice choice of options, as you can tell in all three locations.  Nothing was too short, too bold or too uncomfortable.  Just be yourself and your pictures were turn out timeless, sophisticated and genuine, just like you!

Want to see more of McKenna’s High School Senior Pictures? Click Here, to go to her Gallery!

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