How to Fight the Enemy Within

We are all faced with detours in our life.  Where we think our life is headed ends up being in a totally different space than where we are at.  It’s easy to become complacent in this space.  It’s not exactly what my dream was, but it’s ‘o.k.’  It’s easy to look around and say “I should be more grateful for all that I have.”  It’s easy to snuff out our hopes in order to keep the peace in the home.  It’s easy to add more things into our lives that will somehow make up for this feeling of disappointment and or sadness.  

First Step

The first step is taking a good hard look at ourselves in the mirror and deciding that we need a change.  Not only do we need a change, but we are valuable beautiful beings that deserve happiness.  This is one of the bravest and hardest things to do. To admit that we are unhappy despite all the wonderful things in our life.  Despite a beautiful home, a loving husband, wonderful children, and a great job- we are still unhappy.  

Sit with that for a moment.  

Are you truly happy?  Are you truly living your best, most authentic life?  Or are you skating by on mediocrity?  Do you think that if you sacrifice just a little more for others- that it will bring you more joy? Are you waiting for someone to recognize your achievements?  Are you waiting for things to change and to be truly admired and appreciated?  It starts with you,  sister!  You have to learn to admire and appreciate yourself.  You have to be honest and admit that what you have isn’t what you want and that you want more.

Second Step

The second step is admitting that we have been sold a lie. A lie that our moms and their moms have been sold.  We have been told that having a healthy family, a caring husband, a mortgage and a car payment will make us happy.  That somehow if everything looks good on the outside that we must be good on the inside.  That giving endlessly and selflessly to our children will in turn give us endless joy and growth.  

What about us?  What about that little girl that is inside of us that just wants to come out and play?  What about freedom? We have squashed away our livelihood, we are living with fear and regret every day- and yet, we are supposed to be happy?  

Every day we are given a choice to wake up or stay in bed.  We can choose creamer or sugar in our coffee.  We can choose to engage with crazy stuff on Facebook, or meditate.  All of these choices keep us from living our truth.  

Third Step

The third step is to begin tuning into your body.  Set alarms on your phone to remind yourself to do this.  What are you feeling right now in this moment? Right it down.  Are you feeling happy? Great!  Are you feeling depressed? Tired? Mad? Angry? Great!  You are feeling, you are not numbing out.  You are alive.  You have a choice! It begins with you.  The inner fight – begins with choosing you.  Baby steps at first until you are running.


If you are just learning how to fight the enemy within.  You are already on the right course.  You are trusting your inner being, and she is just waiting to be heard! Keep up the good work! And, keep fighting! You are not alone. Check out my Facebook page to learn more