How to Take Professional Pictures with Phone

Recently, I taught a class here in my home town to small businesses owners who were looking to take better photographs with their phone.  I’ve come up with some great tips for settings and taking pictures with your phone.

teaching a class how to take professional pictures with phone

Phone Photography 101


  1. Go to ‘settings’ and type in “camera” in the search.  Let’s go through the settings.

Preserve Settings

  1. Camera mode:   Preserve the last mode, such as Video ro Square, rather than automatically reset to photo.  Completely your choice. I don’t use it.
  2. Filter: Preserve the last used filter, rather than automatically reset.  I don’t use it.
  3. Live Photo:  Preserves the Live Photo settings, rather than automatically reset to Live Photo turned on.  I use this,but it isn’t necessary when talking about photo quality.
  4. Grid:  I use this.  This well help improve your photo composition (we will talk about this later)
  5. Scan QR Codes. Keep to Off
  6. Record Video: 60 FPS is going to give you the best quality
  7. Record Slow Mo – 240 FPS will give you the best


  1. High Efficiency- One of the strongest points when it comes to the High Efficiency mode is is absurdly lower file sizes.
  2. Most Compatible- If you are worried about losing out on the tiniest of details due to compression, then you should use this
  3. Auto HDR – Hdr blends 3 separate exposures into a single photo.
  4. Keep Normal Photo – gives you the option of HDR and non.

photo of phone for how to take professional pictures with phone

Android Phone Settings

  1. Go to Camera App and click the settings button.
  2. To get the best quality images you should have
  3. Picture Size 4:3 to get highest resolution
  4. Video Size should be at 60 fbs
  5. Timer Off
  6. HDR set to auto for best results
  7. Tracking AF (Auto focus) not necessary unless taking action shots.
  8. Grid should be “on”
  9. Location settings “on”

on android how to take professional pictures with phone

Now that we have set up our camera and we have learned how to compose the image. It’s time to take pictures!

  1. Focus point.  Once your image is properly composed and framed, use your finger to focus on the subject by taping  on it on your screen. (This is a great way to get great detail in a close up shot)
  2. Adjust Brightness – adjust brightness with your finger.  Touch your finger on the screen and slide it up and down. I prefer to go a little darker then lighter.
  3.  AF Lock-  If you are trying to take a picture of a moving object, hold your finger on the subject until a little icon pops up that says “AF/AE”, now your camera will keep that object in focus even if it moves!

brightness slider how to take professional pictures with phone

In Conclusion

These are the basic settings and basic knowledge you will need to start taking  professional pictures with your phone today!  The best thing to do is photograph, photograph and … you guessed it.. take more photographs!