How to shoot marriage proposals

I have photographed many marriage proposals.  As a Baraboo photographer, the marriage proposals that I shoot are at Devils Lake State Park.  I wanted to take some time to share some tips and tricks for shooting a marriage proposal.

marriage proposals photographer at the top of Devils Lake


When it comes to marriage proposals,  it is  important to have a great location. It’s also great to double and triple check that you and the person doing the marriage proposal are in the right location.  This is fairly easy with smart phones.

It’s great as the photographer to know the location really well.  A lot of the proposals I do are for people who don’t live in the area.  Knowing the location will help you find the right time of day, the amount of time that it will take to get to the spot, where to park, and if the location will be busy.

Play Pretend

To successfully pull of a marriage proposal shoot, its important to know how to pretend.  With a little creativity, you can be hidden in plain site.  I like to do this 3 ways.

The Landscape Artist

The first way is to be a ‘landscape photographer.’  This works great if you are in a place like Devils Lake or other populated area.  It’s easy to pretend that you are out enjoying the space rather then capturing the marriage proposal.  (Video was a few years ago, the music is pretty bad!)

Hired Photographer

You can also ‘hide in plain site’ by pretending to be a hired photographer.  There are lots of times that I have been asked to photograph a marriage proposal by actually being a real photographer.  Couples hire photographers for lots of reasons, whether it be on vacation, life events, ect.

The Tour Guide

This is my husband pretending to be a tour guide.  We had quite a bit of fun with this one. (It was taken a couple years ago)


As you can see, there are many ways to shoot a marriage proposal.  It’s clearly an important day in many people lives, say yes if someone asks you!

Have questions?  Need ideas? Please send me a message!

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marriage proposals photography couple on west bluff
baraboo photographer capturing proposal at Devils Lake
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