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About This Photography Course

Have you ever thought about taking a photography course?  Have you ever wanted to learn how to take better pictures? Learn how to take the kind of photograph you’ll want to print and pass on to the next generation.  In this class you willlearn the principles of good beginner and intermediate photography and get the skills necessary to create amazing photos.

In this one day photography course you will:

  • Learn the the most essential functions of your camera
  • Gain confidence in putting new functions into action
  • Get the swing of basic photographic terminology
  • Feel prepared to move on to more advanced classes
  • Gain a solid understanding of must-know lighting and composition techniques
  • Lean to position yourself and your subject to capture the best photo possible with the camera you have – no additional gear needed


If you want to take more memorable and inspiring photographs of your travels, your friends and family, or the great outdoors then this photography for beginners class is for you. Learn how to make average pictures amazing photographs and gain the ground necessary to continue your photography education.

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About Me

I am a photographer from Baraboo, Wisconsin.  I began my photography career over 9 years ago when my son Gavin was born.  Shortly after I started posting pictures, friends and family began asking me to take pictures of their children.  In 2014, I was able to quit my job and become a full time photographer.  I have developed my own style and techniques, mastering my camera in high energy situations.  I can't wait to share and learn with you!