Photography tips for the Fall Season in Baraboo

Being  a Baraboo Photographer I have come up with some photography tips. Keep in mind-  I really enjoy taking pictures in the Fall.  The beauty of the fall colors and cooler weather are great for photographing outdoors. My photography tips are solely based on my love for the area and my love for photography.  I consider myself a portrait photographer, so if you are into landscape, these photography tips might not be correct information for you.  If you are not a photographer though, you might get a little treat into my favorite areas to check out!

photography tips in Baraboo

Avoid Busy Areas

There are so many places in and around Devils Lake State Park, I am only going to mention a few.  Devils Lake is one of the most busiest parks in the midwest.  I totally get it.  However, I do believe that for taking pictures- sometimes its not the best.  I would prefer a place that still has a ton of natural beauty and natural light (of course)

  1. Steinke Basin- Steinke Basin is about 1 mile east of  Devils Lake. It has grasslands, meadows, trees, gravel and tons of natural light.   Hikers and photographers can find a little something special there.  My favorite non photography thing to do at Steinke  Basin, is to hike up the maintenance trail.  At the end of it, you can decide to go left or right. I prefer right.  At the top, there are stunning views of our beautiful Sauk County.
  2. Roznos Meadow/Ice Age Trail Devils Lake Segment-  Both of these are part of the Ice Age Trail and both are worth exploring.  They are open prairies, with long grasses, stunning views and amazing light during the golden hour. There are few trees, so make sure you go early morning or evening to capture the best light.
  3. Baxter’s Hollow-  Baxter’s Hollow is run by the state nature conservancy.  It is one of only  75 outstanding ecosystems in the Western Hemisphere.  It is a forest, so lighting can be tricky- however the creek that runs through it can be an fantastic backdrop if the weather cooperates. You won’t run into too many tourists here.

Arrive Early/Leave Early or Arrive Late/Leave Late

Not only does the sun’s reflection  turn Devils Lake into a giant light bulb mid day, it is also the most popular time to go.  Google says its most busy from 11-4, and I would have to agree with that.  Weekends during the fall are no exception to this.  I prefer evenings, because I like to sleep in.  Parking can also be challenging during the day. I feel like I can usually get a pretty good parking spot anytime after 4 p.m.  Sunsets are prettier on South Shore.


Midweek is definitely the best time to visit the lake if you can figure out a way to get out of work. I love feeling like I have the whole lake to myself on any of the hiking trails.  In the fall, Devils Lake turns into a magical wonderland of color.  It’s nice feeling like you don’t have to be rushed or bothered.