How to prepare for your portrait session

women with glasses and long brown hair preparing for her photo session

This photo session is for YOU, this is your time to love your body and be comfortable. While you are welcome to add your family at any time during your photoshoot.  Your hair and makeup time is all about you. So please leave your spouse, children, and pets at home.

– Get plenty of rest for a few days before your shoot.

– Increase your water intake and stay away from alcohol which can make you bloated and puffy a few days ahead.

– Shave your legs, armpits and other areas needed the morning of your shoot. If you wax, plan on doing it at least 5 days ahead.

– Get a manicure and pedicure. It makes a big difference in your pictures.

– Get your hair done before your shoot. A fresh cut and color always make you look your best.

– Don’t tan in a tanning salon or in the sun a few days before your shoot. You don’t want to come in with red blotchy skin and tan lines are not attractive in your photographs.

– Personally,  I advise against spray tans they tend to look orange in your pictures.

– IMPORTANT- For best results in your photo session, having your professional hair and makeup done is essential, it makes a HUGE difference in your final pictures since the studio lighting and the retouching is washing you.

– Come to your session in loose-fitting clothing, you don’t want any lines or imprint on your body from your lingerie or clothing.

– Arrive with clean, dry hair with no product in it and a clean face so the make-up artist has a “clean canvas” to start with.

– Keep Calm and have a great time. We will take good care of you :)