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Professional Headshots

Professional headshots are more important now then ever before.  Gone are the days of stuffy, studio headshots. In are the days of creative, fun and spontaneous professional headshots.  I will work with you to create unique, one of a kind headshots that highlight your personal brand, story and mission.


Your personal Headshots

It’ s no secret that setting up your headshots is about as fun as setting up a root canal.  As humans, we try to push off things that we feel will be painful.  It’s time for you to stop thinking that photography is painful.  Updating your headshots will put you back in the professional game.  We live in a world where first impressions are everything.  Most first impressions are done online.  How do you want to be seen? What do you want your story to be?


Building Your Business Brand

So you are ready to start making more money this year?  Great advertising starts with great pics (and great word of mouth compliments!)  These headshots were done for a friend of mine, she needed new pictures for her business cards and facebook advertising.

How do you want to be seen?

If you are like me, you want options.  I like having a couple of different portraits and images to choose from depending on the day and who I am communicating with.  As long as your images look like you, feel like you and tell your story- feel free to have fun with them!



You can check out more at my professional headshots gallery!



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