Senior Photo Ideas: Dylan

senior pictures boy in black and white

Senior Photo Ideas (When you don’t like your picture taken)

Dylan didn’t have any senior photo ideas, he doesn’t like having his photos taken.  However, he is super creative and super talented, so I wanted his senior photos to rock! Devils Lake is a great place to have senior pictures taken, the light is constantly changing and there are plenty of neat areas to work with. It was also nice because we could just keep moving.  Sometimes, the idea of sitting in one spot and smiling can freak people out.

The Shoot

Senior photos always take on a life own once the session starts.  (Even if the subject thinks hes not having fun!) I kept my distance, using a lens with a long focal length. I encouraged Dylan to move around and not look at the camera all the time.  I feel like we captured Dylan exactly who he was at this exact moment in time.  This to me, is a successful shoot, even if he didn’t want his photos taken!

Check out of Dylan’s Senior Photography Session Gallery, Here.
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