Senior Photos

This time of year is the best time for senior photos.  In Baraboo,  yearbook photos are due on November 1st.  Which means, that not only is it a great time for senior photos because of the weather, its really the last chance to get them done (professionally of course).

Micheal’s mom contacted me about senior photos a couple of weeks ago.  For this shoot, we decided on a few locations in and around Baraboo. Micheal works at Devilsi Lake, so he decided that wasn’t a place he wanted to take pictures.

We started at the Baraboo football stadium.

senior photos boy at football stadium
senior photos boy on football field

Second Stop

From there, we took this Baraboo Senior down by the Baraboo River.  I had spotted a neat location the day before while shooting a wedding.  There were a couple different variable backdrops right near each other.  The sun was just beginning to get low enough in the sky to capture some nice soft color and rim light.

senior photos by train
senior photos on fence
senior photos by river

Last Stop for Senior Photos

Our last stop was over by the dog park in South Baraboo.  By this time, the mosquitoes were eating us alive!  We sprayed up and walked around this area.  Finding a few unique stops along the way.

senior photos boy on ledge
senior photos boy on ground
senior boy in grass

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