Soul Shine Retreat

Nourish your roots and refuel your spirit

Grow  Your Roots, Connect with Nature, Feel Your Glory, Find Your Soul

May 20-23rd, 2021

Are You Ready for Your Soul To Shine?

Soul Shine is an opportunity

An opportunity for women to recommit, and reconnect to their truest self.  Often, we get stuck in the longing for our youth and being the woman we think we should be.  We are hungry for more connection, more joy, more laughter but we don’t know how to get back what we have lost.

Soul Shine is An Experience

An experience to be aligned with our truest selves, to have more confidence in making decisions. To have better connections to ourselves and the ones we love the most. During this 3 night, 4-day retreat we will learn how to focus on our inner joy through nature, movement, reflection, and creativity. 

image of steph shanks photography standing on side of bluff

Soul Shine is Recognition

Recognizing that a heavy, overwhelmed and disconnected life is not the life we are supposed to be living.  Recognizing that the time is now to focus on your health, well being, and spirit.  We have been programmed to put everyone else in front of our own well being. Finding your power and experiencing the glory of truth can be absolutely life-changing.  This is my offering to you.  A space to become deeply rooted in your truest self.