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3 Things Your Engagement Photographers want you to know!


Engagement Photographers want you to have awesome photos! Why?  Because we want our customers to be 110% happy!   We want our photos to be shown and bragged about! Here are some things engagement photographers want you to know prior to your session!


Time to Reconnect

Your Engagement Session is a time for you to reconnect with your partner.  Pick out a spot that is important to you as a couple. This could be the place you got engaged or where you had your first date, or it could be somewhere you both like to spend time or where you go to enjoy a shared interest. Some locations to consider: hometowns, the college where you met, a favorite restaurant or bar, a museum, the zoo, a movie theater or even your own home. You will feel more comfortable in a place you are familiar with.



The advantage of seeing professional pics before saying “I do” is you can let your photographer know ahead of time if there are shots or angles you don’t care for, and you can point out shots you do like too.  Have your hair and makeup trial done on the same day as your engagement session. This way, you get to see how it looks in photos and can let your stylists know if there’s anything you’d like to change. Once you see your engagement images and get excited about them, you’ll have more confidence in yourselves and in your photographer.


Pre Wedding Photos

Once you have your engagement images, there are many things you can do with them. They can be given as gifts to family (your parents and grandparents would especially love a copy), or you can make yourselves a small album or order a portrait to hang in your home. You can also send an engagement picture to your hometown newspaper to announce your marriage, which can sometimes be important to your parents. The shots can also be used in your wedding program, wedding website or save-the-dates.


couple in plants engagement photographers


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The headshot. It’s the single most important marketing tool for an actor, and it’s amazing how many people do it wrong just to cut a few corners. Actors, it’s time to take it more seriously. When that little headshot jpeg pops up on a casting director’s computer, you want them to say, “Yes, bring that person in!” Not “Yikes, that guy kinda scares me.” –

What are acting headshots?

Acting headshots are the first thing a casting director sees.  How do you want them to see you?  I have tried to find the actual number of actors in the Los Angeles area, but they are pretty hush hush about this sort of thing.  (Maybe its because aspiring actors would get discouraged and not come out?)


Ike's acting heads


What makes great acting headshots?

Use a professional!

Having your friend snap a few pics will not make the cut.  If a headshot looks cheap, it probably is! Even if your friend has a ‘decent’ camera, take the money and splurge on a professional.  Someone who knows lighting and is trained in portraiture is definitely worth the money. Save your cheap acting headshots for instagram.


Look Natural

A casting director does not want to see a lot of photoshop in your acting headshots.  Make sure your images look like you!  Good headshots should be 3/4 quarter shots are good for print.  Don’t get too close up. Directors stress to not do peace signs,  or the infamous hands on face pose for your pictures.  Let your personality stand out!   Natural light is great, because it shows directors how you will look on film.



“A simple, solid color shirt with a little texture that fits you well and matches your eyes should do the trick.” – Backstage

Simple is best!  No graphic t-shirts and whites can be very distracting.  Leave the props at home.  I once saw someone with a cop uniform on for his comp cards.  This to me, limits who you can be as an actor.  Being a professional will get you noticed, not desperation.

Ike's full acting headshots



When that little headshot jpeg pops up on a casting director’s computer, you want them to say, “Yes, bring that person in!” Not “Yikes, that guy kinda scares me.”- Backstage

Teenage Actor Headshots

When it comes to teenage actor headshots there are a few things that you want to consider.   First off,  headshots are the first thing that a casting director will see.  This might be the only chance you have to make a big impression!  You want to make sure that your headshots stand out from the crowd, but you don’t want it to ‘crowded’.  What I mean is this.   Keep it simple, keep it clean and keep it fresh.  All eyes should be on your eyes.


Clean and Neat Cannot be Beat.

Remember this saying because it’s easy to overthink your teenage actor headshots.  (So much rides on these pictures, right? )  I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your clothing options simple.  Stay away from logos, stripes and crazy patterns.  Always keep in mind that the director wants to see who you are.  Keeping your clothing options simple gives the casting director a window into you.

To Compliment or Contrast

Definitely Compliment! You probably have a good idea which colors complement your skin tone and eye color. (The compliments are never about the clothes, they’re all about you — what beautiful eyes, glowing skin, lustrous hair, etc.). In general, if you have medium or dark skin & eyes, any color except one that matches your skin will work. Contrast is key. Fair skin and blue eyes? Try blues, pinks and grays. Green eyes? Browns, greens and oranges. These are general rules of the color chart, but go with what you know — and you know what you look and feel good in.


Ready to get started?

We will work together to find the right location and the right clothing options for your headshot photoshoot.  Typically,  sessions last 1-2 hours and we can do a few different outfit changes during that time.  Contact me today! 

Engagement Pictures


best engagement pictures cute couple looking at camera

The Best Engagement Pictures Guide

I have put together a few clothing tips to help get you the best engagement pictures. Remember, to get the best engagement pictures you need to be relaxed and in the moment.  So please don’t wait until the last minute to find a photographer or figure out what to wear!


At the very least, the best engagement pictures are a perfect opportunity to capture some sweet moments between you and your fiance (while looking really good).


Be Creative

Your engagement photos could  be used for save the dates, an engagement announcement to the local newspaper or simply commemorating a happy moment for a frame.  They should look and ‘feel’ like you!  Don’t be afraid to express yourself!

Think About The Location

Figuring out a location or activity surrounding the shoot is a great way to inspire outfit ideas.  Make sure your clothing colors go with the location.  Do you want to be on a beach?  Opt for looser, more neutral clothing and leave the formal dresses and suits at home.


Sneak Peak

Have something fun planned for the wedding? Your engagement session might be  great to give your loved ones a little preview of your wedding style. If you’re planning a themed wedding, why not incorporate it into your shoot?


Keep it Simple

The jewelry you pick out for your engagement photo session should not outshine the ring on your left hand.  Keeping it simple will give your photographs are more intimate and timeless feel.

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