proposal photography on top of mountain

Proposal Pictures

Proposal pictures are something you don’t want to forget!  Aside from your wedding day, one of the greatest memories you will have is when you and your significant other decide to spend the rest of your lives together (cue tears). Capturing that moment is something that you can cherish forever and we guarantee it’ll happen quickly. There will be lots of anticipation, emotions, maybe even some shrieks, so being able to relive it is important.

“People are starting to realize what an important day it is in your life,” –Tiffany Wright

Proposal pictures on a mountain

Ssh, its a secret!

You might have spent days, weeks or months planning the perfect proposal, but that won’t stop the moment from flying by in an instant when it actually happens. That’s why I love the idea of secretly capturing your proposal on camera.  She will be so happy to be able to share her proposal pictures with her friends and family!


Get Down On One Knee

It may seem obvious, but this is one tradition you really don’t want to skip out on if you’re having your proposal professionally photographed. If you do it standing, it won’t be as obvious as if you are one knee.  A proposal doesn’t happen every day and it’s classic and romantic to propose on your knee.

proposal photography on top of mountain


tips for a stress free wedding having alone time

tips for a stress free wedding having alone time

Stress Free Wedding Tips

As a wedding photographer, I have seen it all.  Days and nights filled with laughter and love and  well….. the complete opposite, to put it nicely.  I have put together 3 of my favorite tips for a stress free wedding.  These all have to do with you and your spouse, and your love.


Have a time line

If there is one thing that helps a wedding day go smoothly it is a thorough and detailed timeline. Everyone knows that planning and thinking ahead are important, but this is often neglected on a wedding day. Once you make your timeline, copies can be give to wedding vendors, immediate family, the bridal party and any other people who would be helping that day so that everyone knew where they were supposed to be the day of the wedding


A lot of times I  think f brides get overwhelmed when it comes to planning a specific timeline because there are just so many things to think about. If you aren’t sure where to start with a timeline and you don’t have a wedding planner, We would be glad to help you put together a timeline to make sure that everything on your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible.


 Give Yourself Time

Things will run behind schedule.  Give yourself ample time for your hair and make up.   In my opinion, the bride should be the first to get her hair or makeup done.  If she’s getting her hair done someone else can be getting their makeup done, but the bride is the number one priority.  If you think it’ll take you 3 hours to get ready plan for 4-5 hours.  Trust me.  If you’re ahead of schedule your photographer can get more bridal shots of you or photos of you and your bridesmaid in your bridal suite.  It’s always best to be ahead of schedule rather than behind schedule.  But remember, if you are running late don’t freak out too much– they can’t start without you.

tips for a stress free wedding giving yourself time to get ready

Have Alone Time

Your wedding day will fly by, that is a guarantee.  Making sure you make time for eachother on your big day.  If you don’t, the day will be over before you hardly knew it began.  Not sure how to get alone time? I have a few ideas for you.

  1. Have your own transportation.  You might feel like you are missing out on some of the fun with your wedding party, however traveling alone will allow you to take a ‘time out’ from all of the excitement.   You will be able to re-enter your wedding reception re-energized and ready to celebrate with your friends and family.
  2. Have a ‘First Look’. Over the past few years, a ‘first look’ has become very popular option for a lot of couples. Rather than waiting until you’re walking up the aisle to see each other for the first time, a first look gives you the chance to meet up at a separate location before the ceremony.  This gives you a chance to calm your nerves, see each other, and have a few minutes to yourselves. This can be as far in advance of the ceremony as you would like – it can be just a 10 minute rendezvous.  I love first looks and I will be happy to help you through this process.  It gives me a chance to create even more magical memories for you!
  3. Plan a sunset shoot -Sneak out for a sunset photo shoot during the reception. Once your photographer has captured a few images, they can head back inside and leave you guys to enjoy some time together, away from your wedding reception. No one will notice if you are gone for 20 minutes, and that time will be invaluable for you and your new spouse

tips for a stress free wedding having alone time


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Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Are you looking for Los Angeles Wedding Photography? You don’t need to look any further!  Recently, I moved to the Los Angeles area and currently providing affordable wedding photography!  Although my business is called Steph Shanks Photography, when it comes to weddings – we are a husband and wife team.  We work together to make sure your day is unforgettable.  How do we do this?  We know the importance of communication!

  • We work with you to make sure that you get the pictures you want by getting a detailed shot list from you prior to the wedding day.
  • We visit the venue with you the day before the wedding to go over last minute details
  • We work off a timeline custom designed by you.
  • We contact the other vendors prior to the wedding
  • We return emails, and calls and make sure you and your fiance feel comfortable and excited about your big day



Call today to book us for your Los Angeles wedding photography!  Because we just moved here, we are currently booking events and weddings through 2017 and into 2018.  We only book one year out, and we are selective with our clients .  This means that we only work with couples that we feel we can deliver 110% satisfaction too!



Coffee is on me!

Contact me today to set up your free consultation! We will go over your wedding details and get to know each other.  Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  Leave the photography up to the professionals!  We have shot over 20 weddings together and we can’t wait to work with you!


Vineyard Wedding: Baraboo Bluff Winery

Vineyard Wedding isn’t something you think about in Wisconsin,  but  I think change is coming! Baraboo Bluff Winery was the perfect place for this traditional, sexy, gorgeous vinedyard wedding. The Baraboo Bluff Winery is located west of Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Nicole and Willie’s wedding was set on top of the vineyard overlooking farmland with Devils Lake Bluff’s in the distance.  For guests, this was quite a walk from the parking lot, but the view was spectacular.  I would definitely recommend it for couples looking for the romantic feel of a vineyard. The winery is owned and operated by a husband and wife team that seemed really cool and really relaxed. Check it out here at:

vineyard wedding in Wisconsin


About the Bride and Groom

Nicole and Willie were high school sweet hearts.  Strictly speaking from my photographer’s view, I see them as opposites.  Nicole is very sweet and very chic.  Willie seems to be a little more rough around the edges. They have two beautiful children who seem to embody both of their personalities.  I really loved photographing this couple, their energy together is really amazing.  You can check out more of their engagement photos here.

The Ceremony

The word that comes to mind when I think about this ceremony is “Family.”  Both of their children were in the wedding, Nicole’s sisters were her part of her bridal party and Willie’s brother was also in the wedding.  I really loved how supportive both sides of the families were for this couple.  Maybe because the ceremony was so small, or maybe it was because the families are so invested in helping this couple succeed – I’m not sure, but it felt very warm and genuine.


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Wisconsin Wedding Venues ceremony on hill

About one of my favorite Wisconsin Wedding Venues

There are quite a few beautiful Wisconsin wedding venues, but Wild Rose Ranch is really a place you should check out. It is right outside Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Part of the beauty of this venue is that its a working horse stable.  (You can even rent miniature ponies as part of your event!) Other amenities include on site lodging, a large fire pit and a heated indoor stable with bar. You can check out more about one of my favorite wisconsin wedding venues here: Wild Rose Ranch. (The website is a little funky, but its really a wonderful place!)

About The couple

There was so much love between the couple, the weather was perfect, and this venue was stunning!

Tammy and Jesse were set up on a blind date, and sparks flew immediately! I have known Tammy for years, and my best friend actually set her up on this date.  Tammy is a hair stylist and Jesse is a nurse.   Jesse has 2 daughters from a previous relationship, and Tammy has a son as well.  Their love of their families and general quirkiness made them a natural fit right from the beginning.  As a mother of step children, I know that blending a families is difficult, but its always worth it.  The love I see with this couple and their children is very special.   You can read more about this couple and this wisconsin wedding venue here:


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