Struggling Through A Mind in Chaos?

If you are like me, it’s hard to stay creative when there is chaos going on.  As a creative and sensitive soul, I absorb the emotions of people around me and events.  Most of the time, I can allow these feelings to flow through me in the form of creativity.  But sometimes, if it’s just too much- I get stuck in it.  Feeling stuck isn’t conducive to creativity.  And without creativity in my life, I feel more stuck.  And so starts the spiral of I’m stuck so I can’t be creative, and I can’t be creative because I am stuck.  So how can I stop the struggle?  How can I help others in the struggle? Well, I can share with you what I’ve learned through years and years of spiritual counseling, therapy, meditation, and more.

Step 1: Identify the Feeling You Are Experiencing

The first thing I do when I am feeling shut down is to identify that I am feeling this way.  This is a powerful first step because then I know that I am in control of my feelings.   If I say, I am feeling stressed out today.  That gives me the control to unstress myself.  If I say, “I’m feeling angry right now,” I know have given myself permission to take steps into not feeling this way.  If I don’t do this first step, then I am at the mercy of the feeling.  And feelings can be very strong and powerful, they are capable of hijacking my light if I let them.  So first step, simply to identify how I am feeling.

Step 2:  Ask Yourself “What Do I Need to Feel a Better Feeling?”

After I identify how I am feeling.  An example that is common this time of year for me. “I am feeling angry because I am underappreciated in this relationship.”  When I am feeling ‘angry’- for me, it’s best to not give in to that emotion.  It’s best (for me) to start asking myself what do I need right now.  So second step, ask yourself- “what do I need to not feel this way right now?”  Do not give in to the anger or whatever you are feeling.  Do not give in to the anger or frustration of your partner because they don’t understand the struggles of a mind in chaos.    Ask yourself, “What do I need to not feel this way right now?”  For me, it is to leave my house.  Which is the total opposite of what I usually need when my mind is in a good space.  When I am feeling stuck in anger, I need to be around people or nature (depending on the weather).   My go-to is a specific hike or a local coffee shop.  Sometimes, I call a friend- but usually, I find myself quiet and alone surrounded in abundance.

Step 3:  Take Action to Take Back Your Thoughts

So now I have identified the feeling.  I have taken control back from that feeling by identifying what it is that I need.  The third step is to take action.  This is a crucial step.  As a woman and self-identified caregiver of all, it has taken me a long time to take action to get myself back.  But you have to take action.  Whether it’s leaving, or it’s a hug, or it’s a phone call to a friend you have to do something.  This step takes courage and vulnerability.  It means (for me)  I have to leave whatever it is that is causing me inner chaos.  It means (in my opinion) that I have to let people down that are counting on me.  It means that plans might have to change, it means that my husband is going to be upset with me because he doesn’t understand what’s going on in my head.  I haven’t gotten to the point where I can explain what’s going inside my mind is chaos.   I always end up hurting his feelings because of my flight response to take back my hijacked thoughts and feelings.  But, I’ve learned to be o.k with that.  If I don’t take action to get my light back,  the downward spiral is real- and then no one is happy anyways.

Simple Ways to Start A Creative Process

We have identified the feeling, we have identified what we need, and we have taken action.  Now what?  For me, it’s finding a way to create.  Even if it’s a simple visualization exercise that I find on youtube, I’m still creating. Here is a list of ways that I create to release negative emotions.

  • Guided Meditations and/or visualizations
  • Taking Pictures with my phone
  • Writing
  • Driving down a pretty road
  • Drawing and painting


These are all pretty simple and require very little in terms of physical property.  But, they are all truly helpful to me, and maybe they might be helpful for you too.  I can usually release the power that emotion has over me with these simple steps.  And I say the word ‘simple’ with a proud and victorious voice.  Because taking control of my life and my emotions, being vulnerable, and finding my way back to self has been lifelong lesson.  And I will continue to grow into the person that is underneath all the chaos.

Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

The final step in all of this?  Forgiveness.  Forgive yourself.  Love yourself.  Know that you are a valuable beautiful soul in this world that deserves happiness and joy.  You are in control of that.  As a creative soul, you might not be able to control the energy and emotions that you absorb.  For me, my sensitivity is what makes my artist’s soul shine.  I am careful about that.  But I do struggle with forgiving myself and feeling worthy.   Mainly, because I feel like I am letting down the people that I love and care about the most.

But I am working on it.  Why? Because I know I am worthy. And you are too.

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