Vineyard Wedding: Baraboo Bluff Winery

Vineyard Wedding isn’t something you think about in Wisconsin,  but  I think change is coming! Baraboo Bluff Winery was the perfect place for this traditional, sexy, gorgeous vinedyard wedding. The Baraboo Bluff Winery is located west of Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Nicole and Willie’s wedding was set on top of the vineyard overlooking farmland with Devils Lake Bluff’s in the distance.  For guests, this was quite a walk from the parking lot, but the view was spectacular.  I would definitely recommend it for couples looking for the romantic feel of a vineyard. The winery is owned and operated by a husband and wife team that seemed really cool and really relaxed. Check it out here at:

vineyard wedding in Wisconsin


About the Bride and Groom

Nicole and Willie were high school sweet hearts.  Strictly speaking from my photographer’s view, I see them as opposites.  Nicole is very sweet and very chic.  Willie seems to be a little more rough around the edges. They have two beautiful children who seem to embody both of their personalities.  I really loved photographing this couple, their energy together is really amazing.  You can check out more of their engagement photos here.

The Ceremony

The word that comes to mind when I think about this ceremony is “Family.”  Both of their children were in the wedding, Nicole’s sisters were her part of her bridal party and Willie’s brother was also in the wedding.  I really loved how supportive both sides of the families were for this couple.  Maybe because the ceremony was so small, or maybe it was because the families are so invested in helping this couple succeed – I’m not sure, but it felt very warm and genuine.


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