Wedding Photography Ideas

As a wedding photographer, I have a lot of wedding photography ideas.  I have decided to use Jenna and Keith’s wedding and ceremony at Sugar Land to give you some tips and tricks for your wedding photography.

The Reveal

There seems to be a lot of questions about the reveal.  Concerns like when to do it, where to do it, and most importantly – why to do it.  From a photographers stand point, (which is the only professional opinion I have) it’s definitely high on my must list.  Why?  Because a reveal happens before the ceremony, which means both the bride and the groom get a chance to be with one another BEFORE the craziness of the ceremony and reception happen.

A traditional wedding happens like this – bride and groom see each other during the ceremony and then at the end of the night- the end. 

Let your wedding photographers handle the where and the whens, but just know- it does give you some time to be together, which doesn’t happen during a traditional ceremony.


The ceremony

Wedding photography ideas for the ceremony are pretty simple.  Make sure that you have a nice clean backdrop for your nuptials.  Having a well lit venue is also helpful.  Make it easy for your wedding photographer to get around in.  Check with your venue prior to your wedding to make sure that there aren’t any restrictions for photographers or videographers.  Mainly, this is when a wedding is held in a church, but its good to double check.  I always do a ‘venue visit’ during the rehearsal the day before, that way I know exactly what I will be working with the day of the wedding. With Jenna and Keith, they had an awesome venue for their ceremony.


Formal Shots

After the wedding ceremony there is the dreaded formal photography shots.  I say dreaded, but I have a system for making this is painless as possible!  I have two wedding photography ideas for making this as process go fast. The first is to have a list of all the people you want pictures with.  Make this list ahead of time and get it to your photographer prior to your wedding.  The second idea is to have someone who knows your family well be in charge of the list.  This person lines up the family members on the list and gets them in and out.  That way there is more time for formal pics with just you and your new spouse!


The Details

Photography tip of the day. Make sure you get pics of the details of your wedding. The day will go by so fast for you, that you will wake up the next day and wonder what happened.  Making sure your photographer has a detailed list of everything you want photographed is the best way to get all the shots you want.


Making sure you have clear vision with how you want your wedding photography to look is essential. Sharing these ideas with your wedding photographer is also very important.  As a photographer, I welcome personal wedding photography ideas. Don’t be afraid to share them and talk about them.  Your wedding is a special day, make sure you have it how you want it!

Click here to see more gorgeous pictures of this wedding!
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