Wedding: Daniel and Marisela

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The Wedding Ceremony

Daniel and Marisela decided to have their wedding  in Portage, Wisconsin at St. Mary’s Church. The couple met in Portage at Cimaroli’s Supper Club where Marisela was working.  They both attended St. Mary’s church, so Portage was a natural fit for their nuptials.  St. Mary’s is one of the oldest churches of the Dioceses of Madison. It dates back to 1833, when Rev. Samuel Mazzuchelli, a Dominican, arrived to work with the Winnebago (Ho-Chunk) Indians. They do some neat work, check out the stuff they are doing right now with Haiti.A


The couple was a little torn in the beginning whether to get married at St. Mary’s or Durwards Glenn.  Durwards Glenn is outside of Portage. It is also filled with tons of history, like St. Mary’s Church.  The Glenn is registered as a national historic place and is best known for its beautiful hiking trails and spiritual retreat quietness.  The Glen is named after the family of Bernard Isaac Durward who purchased the property in 1862


Daniel and Marisela’s day began and ended at Devils Head Resort in Merrimac, Wisconsin.  While we were doing formal pictures at Durwards Glenn, the party was getting started at Devils Head.  A mariachi band entertained guests as the sun set in the Baraboo Bluffs.  After dinner and the cake was cut, guests let loose. This was by far one of the best dance crowds I have seen on the dance floor.  It was so much being part of this day!

To see more images from this wedding, check out this photo gallery!

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