What Should I Wear for Family Photos?

Figuring out what everyone in your family should wear for family photos can be daunting task.  I’ve put together a few of my favorite clothing combinations for you.

Keep it Clean (And Simple)

For group photos its best to keep clothing simple.  Choose a color pallette and go with it. Adults should stay away from anything shirts or pants that are multi colored.  For instance, stripes on shirts or large floral patterns.  If you feel the need for patterns, use them as accents.   Use them on your children, or use them on a scarf.

fall colors family sitting on bench at devils lake

Pants and shirts should be solid colors. Save patterns for children and accent pieces like scarves.

Mix and Match

Keep things interesting by mixing and matching colors.  Fall is a great time to experiment with dark greens, different shades of blue and grey, and purple.

Pro Tip:  Not everyone needs to be in the same color!  Different colors within a specific color pallet is quite becoming and engaging within a portrait!

Mix and Match. Pick colors that go together.

Dress for the Weather

Temperatures are starting to drop.  Trying to plan your family photos and for the weather might be difficult.   Having chattering teeth and cold children can be managed by wearing layers.

Layers of clothing help keep children and adults warm during fall photos!

Still Want More Information?

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