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Wisconsin Dells Photography – Newport Beach

Wisconsin Dells is one of the oldest resort areas in the state. Even way back in the 1850’s, it said by a reporter that ” “We conclude that the wild, romantic scenery of the Dells will always make them a place of resort for seekers of pleasure.” At that time, the city consisted of eleven dwellings and one business building housing the printing office.

It should come to no surprise that even to this day, visitors come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to celebrate their families as well.

wisconsin dells photography
wife and son by water in the wisconsin dells
wisconsin dells photography

Butler Family Photos

The Butler family contacted me because the were interested in Wisconsin Dells Photography.  They were all staying together at a resort in the Dells.  I recommended to them Newport Beach for their photo session because it has a really nice backdrop of the Wisconsin River and some sandstone outcroppings.

Wisconsin Dells Photography for me means family time.  So not only do we get the photos that mom wants to hang on her wall, we get candid shots as well.  For my shoots, family photos start with the more formal “structured” shots, and then continue into more relaxed candid images.

I try to get the hard ones done first, so the rest of the time can be spent enjoy the beauty of the Wisconsin Dells and together time.

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